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What We Offer

A range of web based management information and operational tools to support your organisation in protecting your people, assets and reputation.


Effective information management and risk awareness to enhance planning and preparedness for events, incidents and crises.


Streamline routine operations management to enhance information sharing across departments for improved efficiency and cost savings.


Consistent reporting and notification with controlled sharing and collaboration across incidents and crises.


Coordinate Status and Situation reporting to speed response and recovery for enhanced business continuity and resilience.

How Are We Different?

Personalised to you

The system is highly configurable and personalised to your organisation and operational requirements, and has the flexibility to adapt to your needs over time.

Interconnected Modules

The ISARR platform consists of a number of modules that are interconnected, so you get more out of each component when they work together, but they can also be used individually.

Template configurations

We have been doing this a long time, and have built up a number of templated configurations that help you hit the ground running.

latest updates

Aviation Insights 2021 – A Year In Review

Aviation Insights 2021 A Year In Review - by Andy Blackwell "Despite the damage the pandemic has reaped on aviation operations,entities with robust Security Management Systems have remainedagile, innovative and resilient" Andy Blackwell, ISARR’s Senior Risk and...

Managing Risk

Managing Risk - by Andy Blackwell Don't forget the corporate memory. In this report, Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR, The risk of corporate memory loss creates significant exposure for many organisations and often gets forgotten when it comes...

Security and Resilience

SECURITY AND RESILIENCE - by Andy Blackwell Reasons to be...optimistic. In this report, Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR, explains that despite the impacts of the pandemic and the challenging threat landscape, security and resilience...

Managing Disruptive Events

MANAGING DISRUPTIVE EVENTS - by Andy Blackwell Using hindsight to develop foresight. In this report, Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR examines how organisations can learn from past incidents to help better predict, prepare for, and manage future...

Avoiding Stagnation: Keeping Security and Resilience Fresh

AVOIDING STAGNATION - by Andy Blackwell Keeping security and resilience fresh. Exploring the risks stagnation poses to organisations’ innovation and their ability to maintain strong security and resilience. Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR...

Looking Beyond the Obvious

LOOKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS - by Andy Blackwell Identifying and managing threats in an uncertain world. Bad actors persistently exploit opportunities and rarely suffer from failures of imagination. Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR, examines why...

False Economy: Underinvesting in security and resilience will come at great cost

FALSE ECONOMY - by Andy Blackwell  Underinvesting in security and resilience will come at great cost. Security expenditure is under the spotlight again. Andy Blackwell, Senior Risk and Security Advisor, ISARR, reviews the effects of threat levels, pandemic financial...

Turbulent Times: Understanding the enduring and evolving threat to civil aviation

Andy Blackwell, ISARR’s Senior Risk and Security Advisor, reviews the disruptive events affecting civil aviation security over the past six months, identifies key trends, risks and vulnerabilities, and provides guidance on simple steps that organisations can take to...

Leadership and Organisational Requirements in a Crisis

LEADERSHIP AND ORGANISATIONAL REQUIREMENTS IN A CRISIS - by Russ Huxtable “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...” -Rudyard Kipling This is the second in a series of papers on crisis leadership and looks in more detail at the specific...

So, how can we help you?

The sections above give a basic overview of the core modules and functions but the value of the platform is in its ability to be cost effectively customised to your exact needs. We have been doing this for so long (15 plus years!) that we have probably already implemented something similar to your needs with our existing clients. Regardless if the platform is a fit for you or not, we love what we do and are genuinely happy to help in anyway we can, so it’s always worth dropping us a line to arrange an informal chat or demo.

As a minimum, we can give you some ideas to think about based on some of the work we have done with our existing clients, what’s worked well, and not so well. We don’t hard sell, and we won’t keep contacting you unless you want us to keep in touch (we dislike this just as much as anyone)

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