Clausewitz and Business resilience

– by Russ Huxtable

The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan”

– Carl von Clausewitz

Understanding the impact on your business of an adverse event, be that an emergency, disaster or accident is critical to ensure survival and recovery. Whilst tactically business continuity as articulated by ISO 22301 can assist a business, strategically there is a need to adopt a broader business resilience approach.

A normal Business Impact Analysis is designed as a systematic approach to determine and evaluate the potential impact of an interruption to a specific business system. However, how do we know which system or output is most important and how does that importance change over time? Consequently, how do we prioritise staff effort and finite resources across a broad spectrum of business continuity planning requirements?

An innovative solution to this problem is adapting “Military Campaign Planning” to understand the key Centre of Gravity of your business. It is also true that efficiency and business resilience are competing concepts, so there is always a trade off that must be set strategically as part of your corporate risk appetite consideration…


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